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Cochins - Pekins
Showquality stock from Breeder for 30 years +. COCHIN - Blue & Partridge now, GOLD LACED(ns), buff & black from June onwards. PEKIN - white , lemon cuckoo(ns), Lavender, Blacktailed Red(ns). Later this year, Blue, Black, cuckoo, columbian. Book now to secure stock - orders already in hand and birds will be limited. Proven fertility. Email: Web:

Breeder of Quality
Black Orpington Bantams, Blue/Buff Laced Wyandottes, Blue Furnace Old English Game, Australorp Bantams. Off Colour Wyandottes, Off Colour Old English Game. All exhibition quality. R A Rowley 01623 464818, Notts, England.

Rare Breed Poultry
Indian Game, Light Sussex, Dorking, Plymouth Rock. Available locally and bargain poultry products available by mail order. Web: and Tel: 07861 183080

Light Sussex Bantams, Original stock of Ron Carroll, 1st at National and numerous BIS. Also speckled available. Ken Leggett 01502 713140 (Suffolk)

Wyandottes large fowl
Partridge + silver pencilled (Wrexham) 01978 755631

Silkies & Polands
Quality pure breed silkies- Large Fowl & Bantam available - White, black, blue, partridge, gold & red Poland's - white crested blues, blacks and frizzles. All birds wormed, vaccinate and breed from quality non-related stock, Defra & Silkie club registered. Stock for sale, orders taken. Hatching eggs & hatching service available. Please call: 07738570740 (Hampshire) or visit our website for further details

Maurice Alcock
Specialist breeder of Dark Cuckoo Marans. Recent 1st prize winners at major shows, including the National and the Federation and Scottish National. Layers of approx 200 mid to dark brown eggs. H/E and young stock usually available. 01527 852872 (Studley, Warks)

Blue Egg Layers & Lavender Pekins
Specialist Breeder of Blue Egg Layers, Sexed day old pullets lay 100% Blue Egg Highbreds - Looking for Agents. Also Lavender Pekins. Telephone 07921762007 (Leicester)

Marans Large and Bantam
Hatching eggs collected or posted – best eggs National Show 2013.
Tel E.C. Boon – 01553 840320 (Norfolk)


Cheshire Poultry
Our two main focuses are Wyandottes and Sebastopol Geese. We have Large Fowl Blue, Buff, Gold, & Silver Laced, Self-Blue, Partridge & Silver Pencilled Wyandottes. We also have Silver Laced Wyandotte Bantams and rare Silver Blue/Black Marans (Dark egg strain). We swept the board at the National Poultry Show and the Federation Show 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012 winning numerous Large Laced Wyandotte classes. We also have the Sebastopol Geese in Curly and Smooth Breasted in White, Buff and Grey. Some of the Best American Bloodlines & tremendous feather quality. At the National and Federation 2011 & 2012 shows, we won all the Sebastopol Classes and best gander. Our Curly goose won Supreme champion at the BWA show in 2012. Some of the best Wyandottes and Sebastopol Geese in the UK. See website for pics and videos of our birds. We are Defra Registered. 07976 846462

Dave Ben
Breeder of Large Fowl and Pekins. Large Breeds: Light Sussex, Buff Orpingtons, Dark Indian Game, Jubilee Indian Game, Blue Jersey Giants and Black Jersey Giants. Various Colours of Pekin: Lavender, Blue, Black and Silver Partridge. Hatching eggs and day olds. Older stock occasionally available. Tel: 01225 754706 (Wiltshire).

Fosters Poultry Lynton Fields
Naas Lane, Quedgeley, Gloucester GL2 2SD. Tel: 01452 724565, 077099 33064, Over 30 breeds kept on our smallholding. Visitors welcome by appointment. Parent stock on view. Chicks, growers and sometimes POL for sale.

G & S Bantams
Tenterden, Kent. Tel: 01580 292765. Over 20 varieties of Bantams. Arks and accessories also available.

Chevron Poultry
01647 231456 Okehampton. Cochin: Black, Blue, Cuckoo, Lemon Cuckoo, Partridge, Gold Laced & other Non-Standard colours. Pekin: Lemon Cuckoo. Hatching eggs usually available. Book now to secure live birds. Specialist breeders with 35 years experience of producing top quality stock.

Quality Rare Breed Poultry
Salmon Faverolles, Columbian, Gold Laced, Dark Red, Lemon Pyle, Brahmas, Black, White, Buff, Blue, Blue Cuckoo, Frizzle Cochins, Millefleur, Salmon, Silver Wheaton Cuckoo plain colours, Frizzle Pekin, Polands- most colours inc. Frizzle. Plus Geese and Guinea fowl. Andrew Lee Worksop Notts. Phone: 01909540201. Website:

Antionia Wing OEG
Bantams, Wheaton, Blue Pyle, Ginger Oxford Game. Modern Bantams, Brown/Red, Blue Splash, Yellow/Blue Splash. White Quail Watermael. Eggs sometimes available. Waterfowl. Rossi’s, Red Breasted, Maned, Hooded Mergansers, smews, adult pair of Orinocco & breeding pair of Fulvous Tree Ducks. Email: or ring 020 8519 0220 after 6pm or weekends.

Light Sussex Bantams also Hamburgh and Sebrights. Tel: 01502 561231 (Suffolk) Ron Carroll

Maiden Wells Poultry
Black and Blue Cochins, Black Silkies, Legbars, Mille fleur Pekins. All from show stock. (Scotland) tel.01577840525

Pages Poultry
Friendly help and advice for first time poultry keepers. Full range of hybrid hens and breeding stock available. Breeder of Orpingtons in large and bantam in most colours. Also available - chickens, bantams, ducks, geese, quail, turkeys and guinea fowl. Incubation service and accessories available. Based in Staffordshire. 07809 421565

Faverolles & Orloffs
Exhibition Faverolles, Ermine, cuckoo, salmon, all in lge fowl. Russian Orloffs, Spangled,Mahogany, Top strains. Also Bantam White Leghorns and Bantam Salmon Faverolles. Tel 01246 856709 Mob 07896 841901

Kirtledene Poultry
7 colours of sussex, light, white, buff, brown red, silver, speckled, rhode island reds, silver welsummers, blue leghorns. All large fowl. Also silkie cross and lemon sabelpoots bantams. Tel: Rob 07960190066 / 01461 500676 (evenings)

Ross Milne
Hatching eggs, growers to point of lay in LF, Cuckoo Marans and Salmon Faverolles. Tel: 01726 884224 or 07710098664

D.C Pure Breed
Mrs D. Cook, Carmarthenshire, West Wales Telephone: 01570 481155 Breeders of Large Black, Blue, Buff and Gold Laced Orpingtons. Silver Grey Dorkings, Cuckoo Marans and French Black Copper Marans. Stock Exhibited at National Shows. Hatching eggs from March.

Sunnyside Poultry
Specialist suppliers of Hybrid Hens, Pure Breed Bantams, Large Fowl, Ducks and Quail. Poultry Housing and Supplies. Burton on Trent
Tel: 07973 655963


Black Swans
Trumpeter swans, whooper swans, black neck swans, red breasted geese, tree ducks, teal, widgeon and other ornamental waterfowl, also Indian Runner Ducks for sale. B Howell. Tel 01362 668303 (Norfolk)

Glebe Farm Waterfowl
Over 90 Species of Swans, Geese and Ducks. Including all varieties of Geese. Dabling, Diving, Tree, Shell Duck, Teals and Stiffdales. Price list on request. Visitors welcome by appointment. Mike Attew, Glebe Farm, Hanworth, Norwich, Norfolk NR11 7HN. Tel: 01263 761287, Mob: 07771620173, Fax: 01263 768328, Email: