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11 October 2013
 October 11, 2013
Natural Treats for Chickens, from Unipet

100% Natural treat for chickens

Most people who keep poultry will, at some point, give their birds a treat of some description. Unfortunately, this can, in many cases, consist of the leftovers from the table, including bread and many other undesirable feedstuffs. We all think we are doing something pleasant for the birds, but many of the treats we supply have no nutritional value and can possibly cause harm if fed on a regular basis. Unipet International has produced a treat that has been specially designed for poultry and also one that supplies vitamins and minerals to help the bird maintain good health:

The Foraging Feast

The range has been named ‘Hentastic’ and it consists of a pellet-form treat that can be fed either in a feeder or loosely distributed for them to peck, which in turn will help to keep them active, as Unipet has classed this as a foraging treat.

The Foraging Cake

There is also a foraging cake in the range that is fastened to a specially designed stand, allowing the birds to peck and feed while keeping them active. The benefits from these products is that they are herbal – no chemicals, therefore giving a natural addition to the daily diet.

Herbs in both treats include: Garlic, Ginger, Basil, Mint, Parsley and Oregano. By giving the birds this type of treat, you are helping to keep them healthy, while supplying them with natural additives to the daily diet.

For the chicks

Hentastic ‘Smart Start’ is an ideal additive for chicks from 1 to 12 weeks old. This is to be fed as a healthy supplement to the main feed, supplying the birds with natural ingredients including: Aniseed, Parsley and Fennel.

The ‘Smart Start’ comes in a small pellet form that is high in protein and is blended with Wheat, The pellet is a comparatively dust-free product, which compares well against the chick crumb products that are available on the market. There is also a variation in flavours making the Smart Start a very popular addition to the chicks’ diet.

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